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Albanian scientists Detina and Argita Zalli published the Covid-19 brochure

Detina and Argita Zalli are two sisters from Albania, working as scientists in England. During the pandemic, they have been active in media and social networks while giving precise and coherent information. 

The Albanian twin sisters, from Harvard to Oxford, reach the top in science.

It seems that the twin sisters, Detina and Argita Zalli continue to make us proud of their achievements in the field of science. Recently the sisters have been dedicated to the discovery of the cure of cancer. In an interview for the English media, Detina and Argita have indicated that they will move to Oxford, where they will help doctors to find the cure for cancer.

The Albanian Zalli twins, scientists at Harvard. The story of the two illegal Albanian immigrants who managed to become scientists and lecturers at university.

Dr. Detina Zalli and Dr. Argita Zalli, researchers at the University of Oxford, tell us about their successful life and career in the UK.

The Albanian sisters have been very active during the pandemic period providing information and advice to members of the Diaspora. The twins were interviewed by the afternoon program “Vizioni i Pasdites”.

Detina and Argita Zalli, two Harvard twins

The story of two Albanian girls who, from illegal immigrants, managed to become scientists and pedagogues. In their honor, in the first days of May, at Harvard will be organized the activity entitled “Good Morning Hope”.

When they left with their family for the United Kingdom, the twin sisters from Fier, Detina and Argita Zalli, were still teenagers.

The tale of the genius sisters from the small city of Patos, Albania who are reaching the highest peaks of science

This initiative brings together values ​​of Humanism, Solidarity and Community Support through Volunteerism.

When we talk and think about volunteering, some questions immediately come up to our mind: Why do people volunteer? How can they volunteer? What can they do? Who can volunteer? This initiative provides answers to these four essential questions (and not only).

The Newest Initiative "Aferdita Ime" Ready To Start In Albania

This initiative, undertaken by 2 twin sisters, Dr. Argita Zalli and Dr. Detina Zalli, aspires uniting values ​​of humanism, solidarity and community support through volunteerism. Dr. Argita Zalli and Dr. Detina Zalli, medical scientists that live abroad, want to contribute by bringing professional skills to the benefit of their country.

The tale of the genius sisters from the small city of Patos, Albania who are reaching the highest peaks of science

Detina and Argita’s parents believed in the better life away from Albania in 1999 and immigrated together to England, the country that welcomed the massive immigration of Albanians. The Zalli twins from Patos today have reached the peaks of world science.