This initiative, undertaken by 2 twin sisters, Dr. Argita Zalli and Dr. Detina Zalli, aspires uniting values ​​of humanism, solidarity and community support through volunteerism. Dr. Argita Zalli and Dr. Detina Zalli, medical scientists that live abroad, want to contribute by bringing professional skills to the benefit of their country.

Their motivation to build an initiative like this not only derives from their will to help others in need, but also for personal reasons, due to being inspired by their mother who is currently fighting cancer. Their intentions are to help certain communities from where they receive daily messages regarding matters of advice and support to people who are fighting cancer as well as their families.

Individuals who are affected by cancer and their families need more information, support, socializing with each other etc. So by organising these gatherings, they are trying to help ease this path by supporting each-other. The method this initiative is planned to work is by combining online and offline volunteering.

Accomplished doctors and scientists from around the globe will give their professional advice on one side and other individuals, psychologists, medical students and volunteers will be attending online from the other side.

Dr. Zalli stated that the first Saturday of each month will be an open day for any person and family that are currently facing this disease.

This initiative has combined a program as professional in medical and psychological terms, as well as interactive to bring a positive and dynamic atmosphere, and everything about these services are free. This initiative will be public from time to time for all the values ​​it conveys to anyone who will be involved in it, to support anyone in need, to call on each of you who are reading this message to be part of this initiative that needs solidarity, humanity and a smile.

If interested to help this initiative spread its voice and thrive, these are the following options everyone could help with the following suggestions:

  • Share this information on your social networks, recommend it to someone you think is facing this disease; bring someone who is facing this disease, or their relatives.

You could also join them to offer:

  • Friendly conversations with patients and their families;
  • Information you may have about the situation or diets;
  • Psycho-social support if you have experience in this field;
  • Games and entertainment;
  • Free activities;
  • Prepare and share any dessert or fruits;
  • Give and receive a lot of love;

Dr. Zalli also added that the location and time is every first Saturday of each month, from 10:00 – 14:00 at the Multidisciplinary Community Center of the Municipality of Tirana (behind the Ministry of Justice).

This voluntary initiative was started by the twins Dr. Argita Zalli and Dr. Detina Zalli, in collaboration with International Voluntary Projects, We Speak Science and the Municipality of Tirana.

These published story and interviews of the Zalli twins’ life story was shared with Pete Griffiths and Mira Griffiths. Sharing their story reminded everyone of many other refugees who are still going through struggles.

This way, the Zalli twins want to inspire people despite their nationality, color and beliefs.

To conclude the message of this article, I add a splendid saying quoted by Ardita Zalli: “Humanity is our race. Love is our religion”.

This article is written by Erzana Abazi.