Good Morning, Hope

By Argita and Detina Zalli

“The spirit inside kept their dream alive.”

Good Morning, Hope is the inspiring true story of the Zalli family, forced by war to flee their beloved homeland. As refugees, they faced some of the most important issues of our times, including poverty, bullying, graft, and greed. Yet, through their mutual support, the beautiful twin sisters Argita and Detina Zalli worked together to achieve great success as PhD scientists, honored by Harvard University.

Our Story

We were born in Patos-Fier, Albania. As small children (years 1-8) we lived a very happy childhood. It was due to our parents who filled us full of joy and dreams. It was also since we did not understand much of the adult life. We were poor and did not have many toys, but our parents did all that they could to fulfil our desires. Since a very early age, we were very good students. We were happy with the life we had. We had good friends and that was enough for us.


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