The Albanian twin sisters, from Harvard to Oxford, reach the top in science.

It seems that the twin sisters, Detina and Argita Zalli continue to make us proud of their achievements in the field of science. Recently the sisters have been dedicated to the discovery of the cure of cancer. In an interview for the English media, Detina and Argita have indicated that they will move to Oxford, where they will help doctors to find the cure for cancer.

The twin sisters, Detina and Argita Zalli, in 1999 moved like most Albanians to England.

Since the twins from Patos have reached the top of the world of science and are contributing to a better reputation of Albania both in the UK and in the USA, recently they have been dedicating their work to find out more about cancer.

“My sister and I are both scientists. We moved to Britain from Albania, and science was our salvation. It broadened our horizons towards something bigger. When we came here, we started from scratch, but thank God we were two, and that was our strength”, says Argita.

 “We were good students and were praised by our teachers who gave us wings to fly. After Britain, I moved to the USA where I enrolled at Harvard University. I was one of the youngest scientists, and that was where I got the idea of ​​founding “We Speak Science”. The aim was to develop science and medicine not only in the UK and the USA but also in other communities such as Albania”, says Detina, a scientist and lecturer at Harvard University, who tells us about the next plan.

“We bring together students from all over the world. The next step is to move to Oxford, where I will teach doctors more about cancer to find a better cure and help all those suffering from this disease. Our contribution is to make Albanians feel more like part of the scientific community. Albania is moving in the right direction.”

“We also held a conference in Albania where we presented our research in science, and this is our contribution, to make Albanians feel more part of the community of scientists. Also, to make them feel more like Europeans. There is a lot of progress in Albania, and it is moving in the right direction”, says Detina.