”Afërdita ime” Initiative

This initiative brings together values ​​of Humanism, Solidarity and Community Support through Volunteerism.

When we talk and think about volunteering, some questions immediately come up to our mind: Why do people volunteer? How can they volunteer? What can they do? Who can volunteer? This initiative provides answers to these four essential questions (and not only).

This is an initiative undertaken by two twin sisters Dr. Argita Zalli and Dr. Detina Zalli, medical scientists from diaspora, who want to contribute by bringing professional skills to the benefit of their country.

WHY? There are many strong reasons for all this initiative, strong personal reasons and a strong humanitarian feeling. Their mother (their heroine) is facing cancer. Both girls are experiencing what it means for a family member, a beloved person of yours to battle it. They know what the person and the whole family are going through, so they feel a strong moral responsibility to support anyone who is facing the same battle. They want to help a certain community from which they receive messages every day by asking for advice and support: Those are the people and their families who are battling cancer. They possess the professionalism and expertise and they want to bring it to their country.

Individuals who suffer from cancer and their families need more information, support, socializing with each other, more enterntainmet, etc. So, we are all joining our forces and we are here to face the challenges with a lot of love.

HOW: A perfect combination of online and offline volunteering. Both twin sisters, as accomplished doctors and scientists will give their professional advice online every week, often together with other doctors from different parts of the world and diaspora, psychologists, medical students, volunteers, etc.

The first Saturday of each month will be an open day for any person and family member battling this disease. This initiative has combined a professional program in medical and psychological terms, as well as an interactive one to bring a positive dynamic, to exchange experiences, to prepare and consume a dessert, and why not to do a little make up and much more.

Every service is free!

We will make this initiative public from time to time for all the values ​​it conveys to anyone who will be involved in it, to support anyone in need, to call on each of you who are reading this message to be part of this initiative that needs solidarity, humanity and smiles. Let’s continue to grow and foster this inspiration which started so naturally from the Zalli sisters.

If you are not aware of WHAT you can do, we are providing you a very short list because your contibution, inspiration and impact can be unlimited.

Share this information on your social networks, recommend it to someone you think is battling this disease; bring someone who is battling this disease or their relatives.

Join us to offer:

– Friendly conversations with patients and their families;

– Information you may have about the situation or diets;

– Psycho-social support if you have experience in this field;

– Games and entertainment;

– Free activities;

– Prepare and share any desserts or fruit;

– Give and receive a lot of love;

WHEN: Every first Saturday of each month we will be at the Multidisciplinary Community Center of the Municipality of Tirana (behind the Ministry of Justice) from 10:00 – 14:00.

You can join us at any time and stay as long as you can.

This voluntary initiative was established by the twin sisters, Dr. Argita Zalli and Dr. Detina Zalli, in collaboration with International Voluntary Projects, We Speak Science and the Municipality of Tirana.

You are welcome every first Saturday of the month, from 10:00 to 14:00!

“Everyone can do small things with great love” – ​​Mother TeresaMultidisciplinary Community Center